Going back to Altdorf…I don’t think so!

Well I got into Altdorf for the first time in awhile. I was in an instance 2005….I think the most exciting part was when I laughed at a Black Orc friend of mine. Yeah not that exciting. Cries of Order Bombing one instance went through Region Chat. Then the finger pointing started cause we didn’t make it to Phase 2. It was a learning experience though, and that’s a good thing. The good news is I won some Invader Shoulders…Now if I can only get 10 more levels of Renown.

Some other things I went back to Sword and Board. I have to really go over my armor selections again since Wards are given now, and not dependent on the armor I am wearing there may be a better selection.

I also joined a new Guild…Jaded Souls. I use to run Lost Vale back when LV was new. So it’s good to be one of them, they are a good group of people and know their stuff. Even if they don’t enjoy bathing too much.


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