Ward, Where’s the Beaver?

Well I’m old school, I knew the Wards System had changed but still I like my Sentinel, my Darkpromise, and my bloodlord shoulders which I’m cursed to wear forever…and ever. Thanks Bilerot, and my crappy luck. They were like my security blankets though.

This morning I broke out of that, and reviewed my armor. Since I don’t need ward armor anymore, I picked out some better pieces like my Giant Slayer Gauntlets, and Girdle of the Despoiler which has spots for 3 talismans, albiet you have to put crappy talismans in it.

Right now I’m sitting at around little less then 800 toughness, and 950 Wounds. I gotta get my toughness up more, without affecting my wounds then work on my Strength as well.

Any good armor or item choices you know of, feel free to toss them out there.


3 Responses to “Ward, Where’s the Beaver?”

  1. Take a look at the Primeval pieces. There’s no set bonus to them but they’re the equivalent of Invader without the renown requirement. They actually drop as repairable pieces from Tomb of the Vulture Lord (search the auction house for “Priceless” and you shall find them).

    http://www.wardb.com/item.aspx?id=667088 (the shoulders are awesome)

  2. In most cases combinations of armour sets are better than using purples, simply because of the set bonuses. For example getting an extra 72 wounds from using Tyrant, or strength with Invader, etc.

    Once you have the renown for it, the cookie cutter Chosen gear seems to be 4 Invader / 3 Warlord combo. There’s a good post for you here:

    If you’ve not got the renown for that, you can make some decent set ups combining Dark Promise (or Invader) & Annhilator. Depends what you want to achieve tbh.

    I’m using Invader & Tyrant at the moment, not because its the best stat set up I can make, oh no sir… simply because it looks the coolest 😛

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