Werit Goes Camping

Werit put up a wonderful post about Camping in Fallen Earth. But being the good Chaos minions we are, we scryed through the powers of Tzeentch what really goes on.

Werit goes Camping.


4 Responses to “Werit Goes Camping”

  1. Glad you’re back blogging! How’s the book going?

    Wasn’t sure if you were aware, but this blog is basically ripping your articles for their blog … headlines and all. This site was doing this to Werit and some others.


    He’s got your “Going Back to Altdorf” and “I’m Just A Girl” posts. What’s strange is when clicking the article’s link, it brings me to your site.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    • Thanks Kross, The book is on hold, there’s some things I got to learn about novel writing, I am unused to long dialogue, and details, I may take a course in the summer. I’ll get there though. As for the site ripping me off, Yeah thats been happening for a while, nothing really I can do, at least it’s pointing back to me. Aint the first site that did that either.

      How you doing?

    • I was not aware…

      As for the video… pretty much 😉

      • Yea I experienced one of these sites before, their gatherers, they steal from a bunch of blogs, and then repost the articles…pointing back at you. I always feel like take a picture of my dick, and posting it on my blog, and see what they repost.

        …then I’m afraid it might be cold when I take the pic.

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