Hey Tough Guy

So it was awesome with some different gear choices, and back to be Sword and Board I felt like a Monster yesterday in scenarios. Sure I am no killer, but with a little help from my friends. I am a huge pain in the ass.

I key in on healers, I am in the back trying to disrupt them. It’s great when Order trys to kill me, usually it takes 4 or 5 of them to do it. or one Bright Wizard. I hate these guys. I hate the so much it’s so hard to pull off the healer, and go for them. I have even done it out of anger. These guys are the bane of my exsistance, and once I find out the bane of their’s I will give praise to the Raven God.  

Really what I’m trying to do is work on my Renown. I am level 42 now, I have been left in the lurch so to speak, alot of the players I played with are all 70/80 Renown Ranks. If anyone knows a faster way, please let me know. Though City PQ’s are quite nice.

Well tonight it will be back into the breach once more.


One Response to “Hey Tough Guy”

  1. Honestly, the fastest way is in zone flips. I went from RR38 or so to 51 on my Knight, and RR36 to RR49 on my DoK in about two-three weeks each. So, help take BOs/Keeps in a zone, then queue for SCs for just those zones while you squat there so you can get the bonus if you are in a SC during the flip. Populations are high enough to allow for pretty steddy pops still. Also, run with premades as much as possible to make sure you get all the renown you can. The highest take I’ve gotten in a SC on my knight was something like 11.8k. Stupid good. Also, slot the Renown increasers for SCs and Objectives.

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