Rivs the Drunkard

That's me..passed out at a bar after having too much of the devil's brew...stoopid whiskey.

Last year Keg’s End I got that title, this year you can get the title Brew Dawg if your Destro, Brew Pansy or something of the ilk if your Order.

Tell you the truth, I like being the Drunkard…it’s pretty damn cool to me. A person who occasional imbibes an adult beverage.

I’m a little upset I reupped, and then a few days later their offering some goodies. Werit explains the freebies more indepth…I’m too disgusted in myself to list what you get, maybe I’ll tweet Josh and complain, or at least toss an email to Customer Service.

The great thing is EVERYONE get 20% bonus to renown, experience, and influence.

This morning I was reading good old Warhammer Alliance forums, and noticed Order was bragging about kill Tchar again. Thanks to Lokax. he explains how their doing it. Damn Cheatin Order.

I think I need a drink!


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