Order seems to upped their game

I was impressed last night, On Iron Rock I was attempting to take a fortress. I was banging on the the front door. Then all of a sudden we were out flanked by order, they were bull rushing us from the side door. To me that was something new, and then when a horde of them came out the side door, some more came out the front in a classic pincher action.

I was stunned, tactics? Order upped their game, and when they took our fortress, they had patrols killing incoming troops.

I got to hand it to them, it’s not the Order I was use to seeing.  So after they handed me my arse. I thought I would do some scenarios.  The show was on the other foot there. Mopped them up, and it felt good to trade steel with some Knights.

Looking forward to some 20% extra renown this weekend, hopefully I can get some playing in.


One Response to “Order seems to upped their game”

  1. Derekisazombie Says:

    For sure dude, a lot of people who played just destro are playing order alts, i think that is the main cause, but hey i LOVE a worthy opponent. i definately respect order in the sense that they truely hold their own now. I love a fierce battle…basically though the reality of it is me spewing my mountain dew on my keyboard and cursing at the screen lol but non the less, it fuels my rage and gets my blood goin, its good to be in WAR these days.

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