Being the Tank in PvP

I really like the role of Tank in PvE, and PvP, you might be saying, “Rivs, Tanks don’t have a place in PvP”  We are not killers. In fact most of us hit like a feather pillow.  What we do excel at is either harass, or be a target. Let me give you some scenarios.

Harrassing –

I was in a scenario, and a Runepriest was healing away. I came up, and gave him a knockdown. This might have interrupted his healing, which may led to one of his friend’s death. I progressed to beat on him, he started to run. Running healers don’t usually make good healers. This may have caused more death’s of his order buddies.

Being a Target –

If Order is busy trying to take me down, that keeps them busy with me and not taking objectives, or trying to kill my teammates. Say your on a 20 versus 20. You and a healer are keeping 4 or 5 order busy. You just made it 18-16/15, that means the numerical advantage has swayed to your side. Very oversimplified example, but i think you get my point.

Being a Survivor. –

You make a better guard, if there is an objective that needs to be guarded, you can hold out longer, keep the objective until reinforcements come. Thus making it harder to take, thus making it maybe a little easier to win.  


I love operating rams, and smashing doors. ‘Nuff said.

The bottomline, Yes being a good killer is a good thing, but it’s not the only thing. Being a teammate, and helping the team is very rewarding as well.  I enjoy that.


4 Responses to “Being the Tank in PvP”

  1. Do you go full tank spec when you are in rvr or do you dps spec with s/s. I sometimes dps spec with s/s in rvr and still hit pretty good.

    • Full tank, Corruption line to Oppression, and then Discord up to Quake.

      It’s not bad, I get 4/500 ravages, no 1k, but I’ll take them.

      • 4-500 isn’t too shabby really, especially on a spammable ability. I’d take that. Still, I contend that you can still fill the role of a tank and use a two-hander.

  2. Derekisazombie Says:

    Yea, the main thing about the chosen in RvR is understanding what your going to excel at in battle. Normally i have a guildy or one of my buddies that are a healing class (I prefer shammy) to run with you and be your personal healer while staying at a distance so you can interupt and take down those pesky order healers. This sways the battle tremendously!!! you really feel like your the guy turning to tide of battle. This tactic works even better when you have 3 pairs of chosen and a healer because you can slam healers while all the DPS can take break down everyone else. In WAR i’ve noticed that all of the battles are usually won when there are people working close together (guilds and friends). NO ONE can be a 1 man army unless your a T1 free trial twinky lol

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