I have come to the decision

I am putting WAR back on the shelf for Star Trek which will be out in a few weeks. If STO is full of fail I will be back chopping heads of Order. Take Care.


7 Responses to “I have come to the decision”

  1. I will most likely try it too … but if you’re looking for PvP … wrong game. It won’t be anywhere near what WAR offers. Not to say it won’t be cool flying a starship around but don’t expect EvE-like ship battles nor WAR-like PvP battles.

    Just what I’ve gathered from articles and other tidbits I’ve read.

  2. Man your ship Captian Winky! Perve-a-scope up!

  3. Pfft, lookit this guy thinkin’ he’s all big and bad. How’s that Klingon PvP coming anyway? Oh yeah? That good huh?

    Good thing I made a Chosen to fill in yer void of suck you left behind. =p

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