I, Chosen


My name is Aramat, These are my chronicles.In the service of my God, I have seen many horrors, and many great things. None of the compare to the things I have witnessed my the side of my master, my Lord, and my friend.

 My master’s story starts in the time when the Empire was new. In the lands of the North. Where the tribes worship the Gods of Chaos. The ignorant men of the Empire call the the Ruinous Powers, for they know not of their power. We of the North, we know that to us the represent a force, sometimes a force to be reckoned with. There are many Gods that we of the North pray to. There is Khorne, the God of Murder, and Death, as he sits a Giant Brass Throne, that stands atop a giant pile of Skulls. . His Followers crave nothing but to spill blood for their God. Frequently screaming “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for The Skull Throne!’ There is Slaanesh, who is the God of Pleasure, and Decadence. His Followers always looking for ecstasy, and new pleasures. There is Nurgle, who is sometimes called Grandfather Nurgle, He is the God of Disease, and Plague. Then there is my God, Tzentech, sometimes called the Raven God, or The Changer of Ways. He is the God of Change, and Magic. Those that follow Tzentech realize that all things Change, that we must institute change through sometime using deceit, lies, and subtle manipulation. Sometimes we must institute change using the edge of a blade, or the blunt force of a hammer. He is the lord of magic, and those that worship him are sometimes blessed with Mutations, and claw here, or an extra eye.

The world we dwell is a brutal one, War is everywhere, and for those that wage it there is little respite. Our Tale is of one of those who has picked up the sword in the name of our God. He has acquired much, but he has sacrificed much more. For the man is no longer a man, but something more, for he is Chosen.


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