Unto the Breach

I sit in my tent, awaiting for the dawn to break, and wonder how is we came to this, a life of unending war. I grow weary, but I know our cause is just.

It’s funny the race of men think of us as evil. We are trying to liberate them, free them from tyranny.  They misunderstand us, then again I think that’s what all monsters say.

Enough with the melancholy thoughts, I have a war to wage, I step out of my tent, and look at my soldiers. My legion is set up on Wall Section 23 – 38. Our job to breach it, and kill any of the enemy host we can, but we have been battering the walls for millenium.

“Good morning lord” Capt Aurellius says as he beats his heart against his chest in salute. “Good?” I quip, “Not until my sword drinks some blood, then and only then will it be a good morning.”  Aurellius smiles a fang filled grin, ” Yes my lord, we shall try.”   I stare at him, “No you will do”

I look over the catapult batteries, and make sure the sorcerors, and witches place the proper spells, and curses on our catapult shot. I head over to one of the catapult teams, and stare at the walls. The Walls, and Gates of Heaven, we the Fallen Host and Legions have been battering them for time immortal. Since the rebellion, we shall crush the Forces of the One.  I once met my Lord Lucifer, and asked, “Why did we rebel my lord?”  He replied, ” We must do what is right, because it is right. The One wanted to keep mortal man in ignorance, they deserve more, they deserve to have knowledge, they deserved to be risen up from the mud. The One said I did have faith, that I knew better then him and thus prideful. I love my Father, but I must show him the truth, I must get inside those walls and tell him to his face. I beg you to get me my chance.”

“Today’s the day, my lord” a soldier breaks my reverie. I smile, “Today is the day we crack this nut, and eat the meat inside.”

I turn and draw my sword with it’s unholy ruins, it is called “Power” in the ancient tongue, and it’s companion is my short sword called, “Knowledge”…I scream to my soldiers. “Show them what it means to be ignorant, show them what it means to be hated, show them the Wrath of the Fallen….Unleash Hell!”

With that the catapults let loose, and soldiers bark their orders, and I just look at the walls hoping today is the day I break the Wall.


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