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World of Warcraft stole my idea.

Posted in Contest, Video Games with tags , on October 23, 2008 by theerivs

Son of a….they stole me a friend of mine’s idea. I’m sueing.

World of Warcraft Zombie event!


Here’s my contest…

My Contest…

My goal here is to talk about video games.

Posted in Contest, Video Games, Warhammer- Online with tags , on October 21, 2008 by theerivs

Though I am in love with WAR ( i just reupped my subscription), I am a video gamer. I spent the last 4 years in the thrall of World of Warcraft. Which I believe is a great game, hell it kept me upping the cash for 4+years. I have had several 70’s, I even toying around the idea of reupping my subscription to get my undead mage to 80.  We’ll see about that.

The thing I want to talk about is the video game company recalling a game, because it might be offensive to muslims. Littlebigplanet. God forbid we offend the Muslims, but it’s ok to blast some fools head off, and have sex with a prostitute. I would have more respect for the company if they released the game anyway, and said “Meh we like the song….piss off”. I myself have no need to play this game, If I wanted to control little sack men, I would take a potato sack, draw a couple eyes on it, and roll it around in a wagon.

Back to WAR, man leveling in the mid 20’s is kinda painful, not root canal painful, but painful enough where I can’t wait to leave T3 behind.


Don’t forget people still got a contest going on, so send in your submission, and win some free stuff.


A Halloween Contest.

Posted in Contest with tags , , on October 9, 2008 by theerivs

I am offering a contest on my personal blog, and I don’t want the Chosen to be left out in the cold. A fun little Halloween contest, because there is nothing more fun for the Chosen, then blood, carnage, gore, and candy. For details go here.

As an added bonus, if you submit something, along with your info you put on your submission. Way of the Chosen, and you win. I’ll send you a Way of the Chosen T-shirt which I am having made. so don’t forget your t-shirt size.  Good Luck