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Unto the Breach

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I sit in my tent, awaiting for the dawn to break, and wonder how is we came to this, a life of unending war. I grow weary, but I know our cause is just.

It’s funny the race of men think of us as evil. We are trying to liberate them, free them from tyranny.  They misunderstand us, then again I think that’s what all monsters say.

Enough with the melancholy thoughts, I have a war to wage, I step out of my tent, and look at my soldiers. My legion is set up on Wall Section 23 – 38. Our job to breach it, and kill any of the enemy host we can, but we have been battering the walls for millenium.

“Good morning lord” Capt Aurellius says as he beats his heart against his chest in salute. “Good?” I quip, “Not until my sword drinks some blood, then and only then will it be a good morning.”  Aurellius smiles a fang filled grin, ” Yes my lord, we shall try.”   I stare at him, “No you will do”

I look over the catapult batteries, and make sure the sorcerors, and witches place the proper spells, and curses on our catapult shot. I head over to one of the catapult teams, and stare at the walls. The Walls, and Gates of Heaven, we the Fallen Host and Legions have been battering them for time immortal. Since the rebellion, we shall crush the Forces of the One.  I once met my Lord Lucifer, and asked, “Why did we rebel my lord?”  He replied, ” We must do what is right, because it is right. The One wanted to keep mortal man in ignorance, they deserve more, they deserve to have knowledge, they deserved to be risen up from the mud. The One said I did have faith, that I knew better then him and thus prideful. I love my Father, but I must show him the truth, I must get inside those walls and tell him to his face. I beg you to get me my chance.”

“Today’s the day, my lord” a soldier breaks my reverie. I smile, “Today is the day we crack this nut, and eat the meat inside.”

I turn and draw my sword with it’s unholy ruins, it is called “Power” in the ancient tongue, and it’s companion is my short sword called, “Knowledge”…I scream to my soldiers. “Show them what it means to be ignorant, show them what it means to be hated, show them the Wrath of the Fallen….Unleash Hell!”

With that the catapults let loose, and soldiers bark their orders, and I just look at the walls hoping today is the day I break the Wall.

Chapter 1 – No Place Like Home

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The Tribe built a village not to far from the border of the Empire, thinking the men of the Empire would not dare come to there village, and tread the wasteland’s of Chaos. For a long time they were right, but the day when the Empire would turn a blind eye would soon come to an end. A buxom woman in a simple long dress, cooking a stew of simple deer, and vegetables mixing her cooking pot, greasy meat popping, and a heavenly aroma floating through the air, the woman screams out, “Rivok!…Rivok!” A child of about 9 summers come from the basement carrying some wood for the cooking fire, and replies “Yes, Mom?” “Go tell your father to come in from the stables, it is time for dinner!”, The woman replies as she sets the table with simple bowls, and wooden spoons. The child goes out of the door, and heads to the stables, and starts shouting. “Paw!….Paw!” He enters the stables, and says, “Father, Mother says it’s time for Dinner” A burly man with a beard down to his belt, with muscles so big, that for him hefting a weapon for war would be a simple task indeed, but now he was petting his favorite War Horse, Hatebringer, for the man was Guther the best warrior in the village, but now he was doting over the horse for it was nervous. The man speaks to the boy, “Rivok come here, notice how the horse is looking around, he senses something in the air we do not know, always be aware of the animals around you for the know something of the Master’s plans of change, for they are able to sense change better then us at time., always look for subtle signs from our god, for Tzentech sometimes only gives us the subtlest signs, and failure to notice is our death, Understand?” The boy sighs, “Yes Father, you have told me many times.” The boy continues, “What could it mean father?” “ I don’t know yet, boy. What I do know that it can not mean anything good”, replies Guther. “For now lets head back to mother, before she puts us in that stew next.” As Father, and boy leave the stables, a man rides up with his side bleeding. Guther run towards him, and the man slides from the saddle, Guther catches him, and blood starts pouring from his side “What has happened, Relos.” Relos in a raspy tired voice, “Attacked Guther, Empire men, one who is leading them is called Witch Finder Petras is looking for something, he is killing, and burning people for heresy. I nearly escaped with my life, but I fear he is not to far behind me.” Relos swallowed hard, “ I fear it is time my friend, please make sure to kill a few for me.” Guther anger swelling says, “ Have no fear my friend, many will die with your name on my breath!” With that Relos closes his eyes, and whispers, “Thank you” with that his spirit fled to Tzentech and the next world.

Guther got up, and looked at the horizon, and saw the dust of horses heading to his farm, he shouted, “Rivok we must hurry, and run to the house. We will have unwanted visitors all too soon.!” They ran to the house, and bursted in on mother, she starts screaming, “What is wrong?” Guther, replies as he grabs his two long swords, and starts snapping armor on, “Reesa, hide in here with Rivok, if I fall use the hidden tunnel to go to the forest.” Reesa, kisses her husband, and says, “ May the Raven God bless you” He looks at her for possibly the last time, smiles he then puts his helm on, and heads out the door, and upon leaving says, “ I shall spill their blood in his name.” A group of 10 men ride up to the farm, most of them general soldiers of the Empire. Wearing basic armor, and helms some carrying swords, other giant hammers. One of them was different, he wore a long trench coat, his hair blond, and his eyes so blue you would swear they saw into your soul. He carried a simple rapier, and had a gun stuck in his front belt. The men pulled up and dismounted from their horses in front of the the house, as they did Guther stepped out of the house. Guther says to them in a harsh voice, “ Witch Finder Petras I presume?” The man in the trench coat, replies, “I am at your service”, and he bowed low, and then says, “ I am at a disservice, you know who I am, but I know not who you are.” Guther yells at Petras, “ I am Guther, master of these lands, and you are trespassing.” He then pulls his two long swords from their scabbards, the rasping of the metal sounding like the hiss of a viper ready to strike. Petras looks at the man, “ I sense a great power of Heresy, more then the usual taint of Heresy, the power seems to be coming from this house, I came to destroy it,” Guther snarling, “ You are more then welcome to try” Petras looks at the other soldiers, “ How droll, gentleman please handle this issue. “ 5 men surround Guther, and one of them with a sword attacked Guther with a sloppy sword thrust, Guther easily deflected it easily, seeing that Guther was very skilled all 5 men rushed towards Guther swords waving thinking to over power him. Guther used is swords independently from each as if each arm had a brain of it’s own. Thrusting, and parrying, then deflecting blows, each time eyeballing all 5 of the Empire soldiers waiting like a patient viper for them to make an error. They weren’t dyeing fast enough so Guther told them, “Your whore mothers should be proud, 5 men versus one Northman. You are all exceptionally skilled.” At that the Empire warriors got a little angry and pressed their attack. Ah one made a mistake, left his throat open. Guther took full advantage, Blood spewing from the soldiers neck like a waterfall, at that the other 4 tried harder, and became sloppy in their anger, while conserving his strength one by one Guther finished off the other soldiers, until all were dead, and Guther covered in blood, and gore not his own stood defiantly. Witch Hunter Petras applauding, said to Guther, “Very good, you are well trained. You other 5 start burning the building, and begin looking for what we came here for, I will handle this one myself” Petras drew his Rapier. He continued, “I sense the power on you, but there is another with such potential. I had a vision of this boy, he must be stopped for if he is not he will kill a lot of my people. So the Witch Hunter General bade me to find this boy and kill him.” Guther looked at the Witch Hunter, and with an icy stare from his blue eyes to Petras, “You have visions, then I give you this one. The boy will find you, and peel your hide from your bones, and make a banner to the mighty Tzentech out of it.” Petras chuckled, “Perhaps your right, but you will not see that day.” Petras attacked with his Rapier attacking, and feinting like a whirlwind, Guther even with two swords was hard pressed to keep up. They traded blows for a long time, neither gaining the upper hand. Guther started to tire, and started to wonder if the man was human. Petras skilled in the ways of war, and the mind knew how to get under a man’s skin to force him to do things he might not want to do. Petras uttered some words between the bangs of their blades. “Perhaps I will have my men have their way with your wife for some sport.” With that Guther’s anger boiled over, and screamed, “NEVER!” In his rage he pressed his attacks moving his swords has fast as he could. Petras was on his toes, just trying to defend himself, being forced back. Petras luck ran out, and fell on his back. Seeing his chance Guther charged raising his blades for the death strike, then BANG. Guther gets knocked back, a hole in his stomach spilling his blood all over the ground. Petra gets up, “ You are hereby sentenced to death for Heresy, and Crimes against the Empire,” Petras raised his rapier to end Guthers life, Guther screamed to the Gods, and all who would listen, “AVENGE ME!!!!” Then Guther was no more, and Petras turned to the house, and knew the boy staring at him was his target.

Petras smiled a cold calculating smile, and walked slowly towards the house. Rivok watched this Empire dog kill his beloved Father from a window in the house, he heard his father begging to be avenged, he saw the man who killed his father come towards the house. Rivok’s mother came near Rivok, “It is time for you to go son, take the tunnel in the basement to the Woods to the North, and keep running north. I packed you a satchel with some food, some coin, some clothes, and some maps. Just keep running as long as you can. Here is one of Father’s short swords which will deal enemies quickly. I love you son, now it is time to go. Avenge us my son.” Rivok got grabbed the bag, and headed downstairs, moved the crate which hid the tunnels, but lingered at the entrance a bit. The door bursted in. A man steps ine, “My name is Witch Hunter Petras, if you give me the boy freely, I will take mercy on you and kill you swiftly, if not my men will torture you and kill you with much pain.” Rivok overheard the name, Petras, and growled. He will make that one pay surely. Rivok’s mother drew a small dagger and lunged at Petras. Petras got a cut on his face, and back handed the women. He wiped the blood from his face, and snarled, “You two tear this place apart, the other 3 have your sport with this women, and then chop her limbs off, we shall then leave her in the field for the crows!” Rivok crawled down the little tunnel, after moving the crates that hid the entrance back somewhat. His only thoughts were of the screams of his mother and father as he shimmied down the tunnel. The soldiers tore the house apart. One soldier returned to Witch Hunter Petras, “My lord we found nothng” Petras grabbed the man by the throat, and tossed him against the wall, “ Check again.” After awhile the soldiers finally found the secret tunnel. Petras looked at the tunnel, and thought to himself the risk of taking a handful of men into unknown Northern Territory with legions of godless monster roaming the land. Petras had to admit he failed, but in the heart of hearts he knew he would meet the child again.

Rivok crawled for what seemed like miles then finally came up a rickety ladder, and climbed. When he climbed up there was a small iron grate, easily removed, he then came up through the hole, and looked around. He was in a forest clearing, the trees black and seeping corruption. The crows looking at him with hunger in their eyes, and predators stalking unseen from the bushes with unseen eyes; He knew he was in the Forest of A Thousand Laments. Then he got on one knee, and prayed, “My Lord Tzentech, I pledge my service to you, I shall bring the Winds of Change wherever I go, I ask, nay I beseech you for one thing for the chance to make the man that calls himself Petras much pain and sorrow, and to bathe my blade in his blood.” He got up, and knew that of all the gods of the north, there was one who could probably help him the most, and that was Tzentech the God of change, for things have certainly changed.

I, Chosen

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My name is Aramat, These are my chronicles.In the service of my God, I have seen many horrors, and many great things. None of the compare to the things I have witnessed my the side of my master, my Lord, and my friend.

 My master’s story starts in the time when the Empire was new. In the lands of the North. Where the tribes worship the Gods of Chaos. The ignorant men of the Empire call the the Ruinous Powers, for they know not of their power. We of the North, we know that to us the represent a force, sometimes a force to be reckoned with. There are many Gods that we of the North pray to. There is Khorne, the God of Murder, and Death, as he sits a Giant Brass Throne, that stands atop a giant pile of Skulls. . His Followers crave nothing but to spill blood for their God. Frequently screaming “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for The Skull Throne!’ There is Slaanesh, who is the God of Pleasure, and Decadence. His Followers always looking for ecstasy, and new pleasures. There is Nurgle, who is sometimes called Grandfather Nurgle, He is the God of Disease, and Plague. Then there is my God, Tzentech, sometimes called the Raven God, or The Changer of Ways. He is the God of Change, and Magic. Those that follow Tzentech realize that all things Change, that we must institute change through sometime using deceit, lies, and subtle manipulation. Sometimes we must institute change using the edge of a blade, or the blunt force of a hammer. He is the lord of magic, and those that worship him are sometimes blessed with Mutations, and claw here, or an extra eye.

The world we dwell is a brutal one, War is everywhere, and for those that wage it there is little respite. Our Tale is of one of those who has picked up the sword in the name of our God. He has acquired much, but he has sacrificed much more. For the man is no longer a man, but something more, for he is Chosen.

So it has begun….

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Started my novel last night…I, Chosen got 1280 words, a little below par in terms of NANO. Hopefull will pick things up today or tomorrow.

The Ruinous Powers

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blacklegionbadgeThe Ruinous Powers, the Gods of Chaos by whatever name you call them they are the opposition in Warhammer world. There are 4 main ones.

Khorne – Is the God of Murder, and Death, sometimes called the Blood God. He sits on a giant brass throne on top of a pile of skulls.  He shuns sorcery. His followers revel in death, and destruction. The kill for the pure sake of killing. A common saying of his followers is “Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!”

Slaanesh – The youngest of the Chaos Gods, He is the God of Pleasure. His follower revel in sensations, and new thrills. They prefer style over brutality. Their followers are usually very beautiful, and deadly.

Nurgle – Sometimes referred to as Grandfather Nurgle, is the God of Disease, and Plague. His followers are usually consumed with plagues, and disease. Their bodies are covered in boils, seeping wounds, and puss. They have grown immune to pain, and usually very hard to kill.

Tzentech– Sometimes called the Raven God, or Changer of Ways. He is the God of Change, Magic, and deceit. His followers usually use alot of magic, very manipulative, very planning. They may wait years for their plans to come to fruition. His followers usually show signs of mutation, a claw there, an extra eye here, which they consider a blessing of their god.

Meet the Charactors: Lord Gluttonous

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guop1Servant of Grandfather Nurgle. Lord Gluttonous has given himself to the Plague God. Though Nurgle, and Tzentech are both gods of change, their ways are different. Nurgle is the god of death, decay, and disease. Lord Gluttonous is a fat, daemon whose body is oozing with puss, and disease. Foul smelling monster from the pits of stench, he rules the Swamps of Despair with an Iron Fist.

Rivzok must face Lord Gluttonous in service to his new master Lord Zanath, and to Tzentech, as one of his first missions to bring glory to Tzentech.

Meet the Characters: Rivzok

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So I thought as I was writing my Outline that I would tell you a little about the Characters in my story.

Rivzok – The Main Character in this story. As a child Rivzok village was attacked by the Witch Hunter Petras, who killed his father brutally, and burned his mother on the stake. He escaped through a tunnel under his house. An Old Crone finds him, and starts him on the Path of the Chosen. Upon his journeys Rivzok faces many enemies, but he must ultimately learn the greatest enemy is himself.