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It’s quiet, a little too quiet.

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , on March 19, 2009 by theerivs

In my readings over the interwebz, and just throughout my guild, and a little over the server I’m on itself. It seems like there is this quietness. It’s hard to explain. Like a Funeral Home, a quietness of mourning.

I wonder if we pinned too many hopes on Patch 1.2? I wonder if the Choppa/Slayer will breathe new life into the game?

Within my guild too many frustrations are building, people, long time good players are leaving.  Many issues are still with this game, like buggy PvE, and broken RvR system.

People are tossing ideas out like a 3rd faction. Theres also a lot of new content, and a RvR dungeon coming, but will that be enough to not only save WAR, but bring it back from the brink of failure.

I find myself hardpressed to get motivated for RvR, when my friends are leaving my the bushel. I find myself getting frustrated when they can’t even get a mob to path right in PvE.

I love the look of this game, I love ALOT about my class. Let’s face it though this is a social game, and when my friends leave it, it’s hard for me to stay optimisitic. Is this malaise affecting  just my guild? My server?  Am I wrong, and just frustrated? I dont know.