Most Hated of the Week – Warrior Priests

I will be doing a feature of something i hate in Warhammer, might be a class, an option, a player, anything I want. But at this moment in time, ya know I’m going to be hating something.

This week it’s those damn Warrior Priests, they refuse to die. Come on he’s 4 levels below me he’s shouldn’t be able to take such an onslaught. All they need is a bubble and hearth we got a WoW paladin on our hands.

So I’m sitting there for at least 3 minutes, beating on a warrior priest, because I’m a higher level his attacks really not doing much. So there we are some sort of stale mate. If it wasn’t for a Witch Elf coming along to help, That warrior priest and me still would be sitting there trading blows.

I could see if were even level, but when a class is 4 levels below me, they shouldn’t have that much survivability

Also a special Hate-up goes to a player Pancakes, a white lion on server Crag Mere. I swear I run into this chick/dude everywhere.  From Nordenwatch, to Troll crossing. Fricking sick. Not that he’s killing me all that often, it’s just I’m seeing him everywhere and I am just building this rage up.


3 Responses to “Most Hated of the Week – Warrior Priests”

  1. I ran down the hill to the burning village filled with aggro mobs. I had like 3 or 4 of those guys on me while everyone else had one at a time. I am level one and I was able to throw up my HoT and bash them down one at a time. All I needed was consecration and it would’ve been perfect lol.

  2. Well..combat is slow and healers refuse to die 😉

    I beat on Zealot when playing my Witch Hunter and I couldn’t out-dps his heals.. After he reached two Chose i was..history 😉
    Lets see how the Warrior Priest is getting tuned down (especially if a tank class will be introduced to the Empire).

  3. lol @ white lions.
    I find them all annoying to be honest……I think everyone that played a huntard in wow will be rolling one 🙂

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