The Unbreakable Litany

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From iron cometh strength

From strength cometh will

From will cometh faith

From faith cometh honor

From honor cometh iron

This is the Unbreakable Litany. May it forever be so”


Iron Within!  Iron Without!

WoW Fan Fiction – The Frostscourge.

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Thanks to Fulguralis for getting my juices flowing on this.


A man stands atop a tower, the winds of Northrend whipping his mage robes around him. The wintery winds of Northrend blowing cold is no match for the cold in the man’s heart. He stares out in the wastes and wonders how he ended up here with only his hate, and anger to sustain him, and he dreams of days gone by when times were simpler….

“Rivs you cheated” a young teenage girl is scolding a boy on the cusp of manhood. Her finger wagging at him. “No Gianna, I just saw the game unfold and made my moves accordingly.” She started to pout, ” Well I don’t think I’m going to play Knights, and Orcs with you anytime soon…cheater.”  He laughed, ” I’ll show you cheating..” He grabs her and picks her up, “Put me down!!!” As she is laughing, and screaming.  “You sir are no gentleman.”  Rivs just smiles at her and mockingly says, “No I am not, mi’lady”  The girl pouting again, “Why do you have to go off to that stupid mage school anyway.”  “We talked about this Gianna”, Rivs replied. “I have been tested by the School of Stormwind, and they think my talents are best suited as a mage, and the Dalaran Board of Mages accepted me. It is my duty to go.”  “Duty, Hmph. I love you Riverian, and I will not stop loving you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”  The girl looking up with her brown doe-like eyes that looked like the abyss itself, willing to suck you down to their depths. The boy smiles at her,”Once I am a master mage….we will have all the time in the world.”

Year Later…..   

“FROSTSCOURGE!”  A soldier is running towards the Mage’s tent, and the mage known as Frostscourge emerges. “Calm yourself Detrick, and tell me what is going on?”  Detrick the soldier was worn beyond his years, but the War of the Lich King has done that to everyone involved. They have seen to much of what is not meant to be seen. “The Scourge, and Vrykul my lord attacked a caravan my lord, carrying medical supplies and rations” said Detrick. Frostscourge looked at the soldier, pain in his eyes, “How those supplies were shrouded with secrecy and needed to get to the front lines. How could the enemy found out about them, and strike behind our lines to even get to them. Tell me where is the site of the attack, I smell something more foul than an Orcs behind. If the Horde had something to do with it, I swear I will give them something to fear.”   Frostscourge utters words of the Arcane, and summons his Proto-drake mount, Ice Talon, “Ice Talon into the air, we have work to be done!” The mighty green proto-drake lift off with its mighty wings, and creature of tooth, and claw who was born, and trained by Frostscourge himself.  From the air the mage sees the site of the carnage, and some fellow Alliance troops milling about. Ice Talon touches down near the site, and Frostscourge walks up to the ranking officer, “I wish I could tell you Good Day Captain, but as you can see it is not, What do we have?”  The Captain with reddened eyes that have seen too much carnage that day reports, ” 112 dead, 3 survivors who will be dead shortly. The supplies are gone or destroyed.”  Frostscourge pats the soldiers shoulder, “Good job here my friend, we will see this to the end I swear, but for now we must all be strong for those we love and protect.” The captain just gives a nod, and picks himself up. “Now Captain, take me to the survivors we must know what happened.”

Frostscourge walks into the makeshift hospital tent, and his mouth drops as he see’s a women, blood seeping from her wounds that he has not seen in several years. He runs to her side, “Gianna what are you doing here?”  Gianna with unseeing eyes and lifts her hand, “Riverian is that you,  I finally found you. I volunteered for this duty once I found out they were going to Northrend in the hopes I would see you again” She gasps in pain, ” The letters you wrote were not enough, I wanted to see you once more.”  Frostscourge crying next to her, ” Tell me who did this my love?”  Gianna with tears running down her own cheek, ” It happened so fast, the Dead were all around attacking, and giant creatures that were said to be Vrykul, they walked like men but were tall and monstrous. I remember…..” She tries to breath through the pain,” I remember an Orc on a flaming horse, directing the battle, and he had a tiny green creature with him, an Imp I think it was.”  Frostscourge ponders, “An Orc……Warlock…..Scum!”  He grabs her hand, and presses it to his face as she breathes her last. After many moments, he takes her hand puts it down. He looks around the survivors all dead, the men tending them awaiting his orders. Frostscourge with eyes as dead as the people in the tent, “Leave now.” He orders the men.  He looks down at the woman he loved, and with her death there is nothing left in his heart but pain, and sorrow.  He leaves the tents, and with a wave of his hand sets it ablaze. He watches it until the fire burns itself out, and turns from it only with murderous rage.  He hops onto Ice Talon, “Clean this mess up Captain and head back to base, I am going hunting.”

Three days later…

An Orc in Black Robes is sitting near a fire, peering into the depths of the flame. A demonic Felhunter at rest near him, all of a sudden rises growling with the wave of his hand he settles the cur. A mage with robes of deepest blue, and a Water Elemental by his side comes into the circle of light. THe Orc Speaks, “I know you, you are the one they call Frostscourge, for there are none better at wielding the powers of cold then you.”  The Mage replies, “You murderous cur, and traitor to the living I shall cut off your head and place it on the highest tower in Stormwind as an example of what happens to traitors.”  The Orc chuckles, “Traitor? Warlocks serve no master, we only serve our own purpose, and now my purpose is to kill you.”  Now it’s the Mages turn to laugh, “Many have tried, none have succeeded” with that a lance of frost blasts from the mage’s hand. The lance hit’s the Warlock squarely in the chest. Orc gives a bestial roar as the ice lance gets absorbed by his demonic armor, and his Felhunter charges into the fray. The Water Elemental freeze the demon hound into place. Frostscourge unleashed bolts made of searing cold, freezing the warlock into place, and with a mere thought instantly throws a bolt of fire and frost. The energies keeping the hound in the realm are dissipated as the Warlock nears death, and collapses.  Frostscourge walks up to the fallen caster, “Who sent you, are you an errand boy for the Lick King?”  The Orc says, “The Twilight Hammer will crush you and your brethren.”   Frostscourge smiles a cold smile, “I think not” and sends the Orc to his grave with a mere whim.  Frostscourge mounts his beast, and looks to the sky, “We have much work to do Ice Talon.

Present Day….

The tower is called the Tower of Frost, it’s master is known to most as Frostscourge.  Looking out over the Tower, at the horizon a dranei female mage comes up behind the human male, and speaks to him, “Come in master the you will certain to catch your death”

Frostscourge still looking at the horizon, “There is a reckoning at hand, and they say revenge is best served cold, there is nobody who can serve it colder than me.”   A shiver went down the dranei’s girls back, for she knew he master like none other, and knew his heart was as cold as the grave.


Litany of Iron

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Iron, It lies in Mountains, and in the Heart of the Earth.

It is the lifeblood of our planet, and it lies within us.

Iron is our lifeblood, flowing through our veins.

We our of the Earth, Children of Iron.

Iron Within, Iron Without!

Litany of Chaos

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There is no Peace, Only Chaos.

Change is the only constant in this universe.

Pleasure is far more rewarding then abstinence.  

All things decay, mountains turn to sand, and bones turn into dust.

Death will one day come to us all, but I choose to face my death laughing to my Dark Gods.

Impurity is my armor.

Hate is my weapon.

Immortality is my reward.

Liturgy of Hate

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Gather Brothers of Chaos, and Followers of Dark Gods, and Let me Tell you of Hate!.

Blessed is Thy Hate, for through Hate all things are possible.

Hate  over what you have become, thus the will to change.

Hate over your enemies, thus the will to triumph.

Hate over your obstacles, thus the will to demolish them.

Hate over your weaknesses, thus allowing you to overcome them.

Hate leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Action, Action Leads to Victory.

Let Hate Consume you, for it is through Hate we shall free ourselves.

All Hail Mighty Nurgle, Lord of Decay

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Grandfather Nurgle, he who blesses me. Hear my plea let the rot take them all. I bring the doom of all things. Spread your blessing children of Nurgle. Come Dance with the Maggotkin.

Decay is in all places.

There is No Peace, Only Chaos

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“There is No Peace, Only Chaos. Impurity shall be my armor, Hatred Shall be my Weapon, Immortality Shall be My Reward” ~ Lord Rivernos of the Black Legion

Death to the False Emperor, he has lied to us a great many times, set himself above all others. My hatred for him seethes as I look down on the planet and see the Imperium scum scurry at our arrival. They will not know what hit them, as me and my legion of Word Bearers shall show the the light of the truth. The truth that there are true gods out there.  Gods that offer true power, and reward for those that server them.

My hate burns bright for those of the Imperium, and their ways. I shall meet them on their home ground, and offer them no mercy, or quarter. There will be no spreading of the word here, only death and carnage. We offered them a chance, they slapped our hand away. Now I shall show them what it means to spurn us. I shall show them the error of their ways. I shall crush their bones, and rip out their hearts.