I want to have boobies!

Ok first of let me thank Tobold from tobolds.blogspot.com he read my blog, and gave me some tips. So there will be some minor changes to the blog in the coming days, don’t worry fans my main focus will be Warhammer online, and my beloved class the Chosen, but I will also diversify a little to all video games. Though when I jump headlong into something, you know I’m going to beat the head out of something.

Also I want to thank Syp from waaagh.wordpress.com, he put me on the Bloody Twenty for this week. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for giving me much love.

Well last night I went to log in my server was down, I think I almost wept. But I saw it as an opportunity to try some other classes. Know my enemy kind of thing. I tried a Dwarf Ironbreaker, tough little buggers, though I didn’t get to in depth into it. I did like the mechanics of Grudge, and can see these guys being very formidable with healers behind them. “Houston we might have a problem”.

Second class I snuck a peak at was the archmage, hated it. So I moved on to the Witch Hunter. My god this toon was a killing machine from the get go. 2 whacks dead. Hit the redial to Houston, “Yeah Houston guess what..problem”

Having my fill of Order. I went back to my good ole Destruction. I wanted to try out the sorceress, man I really like this class, ok not more then my beloved Chosen, but this class has some real kick to it. I really like the dark magic mechanic, and I really like how this class plays. Not to mention the fact that I was hot. Ok I gave into my teenage urges and ran around in my bikini. HAHA.


Before Beta ends I will be playing a Zealot to get a feeling how healing goes in this game, if your gonna be a tank you should be on the other end for a bit anyway to give you respect on how hard that part of the game is.

My final thought of the day is balance of the sides. Order versus Destruction. Alot of people saying that Destruction will be overpowered. I am not so sure about that. When I played Wendesday Order had all the T2 Keeps, and they were running us over like a Mack Truck runs over a squirrel. Fricking hard. 

Hopefully tonight I will have my server up, and I will be trying to reach a higher level. I want a mount damn it.


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