There is No Peace, Only Chaos

“There is No Peace, Only Chaos. Impurity shall be my armor, Hatred Shall be my Weapon, Immortality Shall be My Reward” ~ Lord Rivernos of the Black Legion

Death to the False Emperor, he has lied to us a great many times, set himself above all others. My hatred for him seethes as I look down on the planet and see the Imperium scum scurry at our arrival. They will not know what hit them, as me and my legion of Word Bearers shall show the the light of the truth. The truth that there are true gods out there.  Gods that offer true power, and reward for those that server them.

My hate burns bright for those of the Imperium, and their ways. I shall meet them on their home ground, and offer them no mercy, or quarter. There will be no spreading of the word here, only death and carnage. We offered them a chance, they slapped our hand away. Now I shall show them what it means to spurn us. I shall show them the error of their ways. I shall crush their bones, and rip out their hearts.

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