Frost Mage Love

In the world event by Blizz, you can kill invading armies of the Scourge at certain spots. You get these Necrotic Runes. The Runes you can turn in for stuff. One of the things is a horn that calls your own pet Paladin. Paladin really sucks, but whats cool is the Paladin bubbles, and hearthes when its done. I want one real bad. I was doing AOE with my Frost Mage. I went 61 all frost. I don’t know I love the frost line. It was SICK! The numbers were flying all over the screen when I cast my blizzard. It was the most fun I had in WoW in years…years. I think last time I had that much fun was BWL in the suppression room. That was a mage love room.

In WAR I’m looking forward to the Witching Night patch, to see if I can get any cool stuff. Also I have to get some XP under my belt. I really like some of the improvement being made, and were WAR is headed. The next few levels are going to be painful.


2 Responses to “Frost Mage Love”

  1. I tried the witching hour quest and it is really poorly done. I went to Black Fire Pass as per the Herlad info and started looking for the npc to kill. I later found out that they are random pop in the pve areas of the world and there was no information as to where. The PQ in the rvr area was for each side to kill 100 of the other first then kill a boss. Of course destruction on my server fought right outside the order warcamp and kept getting slaughtered by the hero there feeding the kills and then the win. If that wasnt bad enough it took over 3 hours for it to reset. I felt very unsatisfied after a long night of fighting.

    I’m considering an order character now. Destruction just wont listen and just keep running solo to their deaths feeding the enemy over and over. Destruction just doesnt seem to have the healing and I swear every scenario I get into its order….half healers/bright wizards and 1 to 2 tanks and destruction…1 healer and the rest tanks.

    And leveling in the mid 20’s is just awful…..I think I may need a break.

  2. I feel your pain about leveling. Last night I got pulled into some awesome RvR though.

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