RvR antics

Last night, had a real fun night in some Open RvR in T3. Tons of Order, and Destro made an appearance. Back and Forth, Back and Forth for hours. After 4 hours of it I had to give it a rest. Not much xp, but a good amount of Renown.

I think I might have to much suicidal in me. I would run right into the middle of the order group, to try to debuff them, to disrupt their lines. They didn’t take to kindly to that for some reason.

I even saw a fellow blogger good ole dwarf Werit. He’s an engineer, so he was hiding in the back. LOL! i knew no way in the hell would I kill him with all the BW’s gunning for me. I just wanted to say hi though in my own special way, with me sword.

It was a fun time, and reinforced the idea why I like WAR.


2 Responses to “RvR antics”

  1. You bet I was hiding in the back! I died a bunch too though, we are pretty squishy in the scheme of things. What is your name/guild in game?

    I’m surprised you could see me, there were so many targets 🙂

  2. Phoenix Throne saw a day full of massive battles in T3 as well. I’m not sure it ever stopped as every time I logged on there was a front being fought on. I just wish that a) My PC could handle 100+ people in one spot and b) I’d brought my sorc. MDPS is such death against a zerg force.

    I maintain those whining about the event are just on terrible servers. A bad community can make even the best designed event suck if they’re unwilling to play.

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