Roll for Intitiave.

So I tossed some Renown Mastery Points to get a few levels of Impetus, and see what that does anything for me.  I think my crit avoidance is at 21.4% if I remember correctly.


Here is some of the gear I chose to look at.

I like this Da’Gorefang Carapace,  of course my top choice would be the Anni Carapace

This Axe looks to be the guy I want. No info on it where to get it really, but I do believe it’s a renown influence reward.


So we’ll see if initiative helps or not in the forthcoming weeks.


One Response to “Roll for Intitiave.”

  1. For proper tanking you should try to get your chance being critted to below 10%, more will result in too much spike damage. Initiative is very helpful. There is easy to access jewelry from the renown vendor and also both Bastion Stair and the City Dunegons have jewelry with less crit chance as well.

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