Happy Halloween!

Well Ghoulies, and Goblins, Happy Halloween.

Well last night I ran some scenarios,  let me tell you I love Doomfist Crater. It’s a tanks wet dream. Holding the line on one of the bridges. Ahh and poor Werit, I saw him, and he didn’t fare that well this time. Everytime I played Doomfist. Destro rocked. On the flip side Tor Anroc is my kryptnonite. Even though I enjoy punting people in the Lava, Destro doesn’t seem to be able to pull it together for that.

PvE, I don’t know. I try, and it’s just not fun. It’s like pulling teeth. I like raiding Gunbad, cause it’s with my guildies and i always have fun with them. Solo PvE, I rather go yank my own teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers. Something needs to be done about it.

Open RvR, seemed quite dead last night in T3. Order has been steamrolling. I think because Destro just doesnt care, and want to reach end game ASAP.


2 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. The scenario comments seem about right. I pretty much refuse to play Doomfist anymore because it inevitably turns into a Destro gank fest, primarily through the heavy use of the Magus pulling power. I have never been on a winning Order team in that one. It’s just not fun.

    PvE is fun with a group. WoW certainly has a bit better solo PvE, but really all MMOs end up with the same junk for PvE. It’s just more “Kill 10 Foozles” and not that interesting. Luckily my wife is playing, so we are leveling characters together through PvE, Scenarios and some open RvR. It keeps things fresh.

  2. Yeah no matter what MMO your playing, if your a tank. Be prepared to suck arse on solo PvE it seems.

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