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May the Raven God grant you what you deserve, and may you crush the skulls and hopes of Order this coming year. Let us Unleash Chaos!!!


Defenders of Chaos!

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Last night Order Tried to take a Fortress, The Butchers Pass.  With about 2 Warbands, one Warband just guildies we held them off to what to me looked like at least 4 Warbands. Now somethings they did wrong. Their healers were way too grouped together, made it easier to wipe them out. Once the healers were done, they were done. They also didn’t try again, which I don’t understand. Both Gates were open they had tons of time, at least 20 at one point. Alas they didn’t try again.

So our Guild Warband went to Thunder Mountain to take some keeps when the Zone Reset itself which was easy peacey.  Then are Guild Warband went to Reikland.  We were at the Door of The Keep, when I hear a healer over Vent, “Ah Look Behind Us”, I turn to look and see an ocean of Red. About 2-3 Warbands of Order.

After the Wipe, we did some Guerilla warfare, take Order out here and there. Some Guildies got some gear, I got some XP/Renown. It was some good times with the Guildies.

I tested my Auras on Keep Lord, after further testing I don’t think it affects Contribution either way. Also I don’t think Contribution rolls over from one keep to another anymore.

On the Grind Baby.

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Just using some of my free time this holiday season to hit the grind, I’m level 36. Which I am starting to see the light at the tunnel. I’ve been playing around with specs, right now I’m discord all the way to quake, the rest in corruption to get the Corrupting horror buff. I don’t think Order likes me all that much anymore. When I’m near their healers they try to kill me fast.

I’ve been playing around with my auras while keep taking. I don’t know if it’s an exploit, a bug or just coincidence. Something isn’t sitting right with me when I use a couple different auras, I end up near the top always. I’ll post my findings later after I have some hard evidence.

Though one thing is consistent, my rolls are still horribly bad. I was 4th in contribution, I rolled a 26.

Happy Holidays

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No matter what holiday you celebrate may it be a happy, and safe one. May the Raven God bless you with glorious change in the coming year.

Whats better then One Chosen

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That would be two Chosen, me and my Brother In Arms, Lomilgaron whooped up on the Isle of Dead last night. Man we burned through there faster then a proverbial hot knife, through luke warm butter.  There were  some epic pulls, I swear one pull we had 20 mobs, and they just kept coming and coming.  Had some close calls because of the spawn rates on the Isle are crazy fast.

Lomi got him a real nice shield.  Which drops of the drakes in the Isle of the Dead, I might just hit those tonight and solo a bit.  It’s a nice shield.

One thing about Lomi he is alot more organized then I am, and I admire that. He does his research, he reads the PQ rewards, and grabs all the quests near the PQ, and hammers them out.  As for me, I’m more haphazard. Maybe that’s why Lomi is 35 on his second toon, and I’m still 34 on my first.

Oh well, I had fun last night, so if you gotta chosen buddy strap on that sword and board, and rip stuff up for me.

Rivs the Drunkard

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I am so pleased I got this title, it’s sort of a dream come true. If you played with me for anytime at all you would come to realize I do like my booze…namely whiskey. Actually a couple things I like in life besides whiskey, the other thing is Pie. Now if they had a Pie Eater/Lover title I would be hard pressed.

The Other Title I was wondering if they had in the game the whole reason I took up Butchery is if they actually have the title “The Butcher” then I would be in a quandry, but for now I’m a Drunkard and damn proud.

The other thing is I’m Realm Rank 34, and Renown Rank 31 I am really looking forward to trying to hit 35, that would mean I’m near the home stretch so to speak. Always looking for those leveling tips, and if yours is good enough I’ll give you credit and a big ole smooch on the cheek.

How my virtual life, is starting to mirror my real life.

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Ok I drink…sometimes alot. Like this weekend I’ll probably be doing more drinking then not. So last night I was working on my Kegs End influence.  The more beer barrels I drank, the more I wanted one in real life.

I think I might have a virtual alchohol problem.

But I will get that title “The Drunkard” if it’s the last thing I do.  All the other fluff is just bonus to me.