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I’m taking my ball and going home

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The book of Grudges brought up a good point.


Now I’m going to be a Devil’s advocate and take kind of an opposite view. I don’t really feel that way all the time, but I have in the past especially in WoW. There are times though when I know were really outmatched, and just want to get out of the scenario. Especially when I see 5 elves on horses in a T2 scenario.  The thing that really keeps me going is my hate, and that it’s not just renown I am shooting for but, experience right now. So if I win I get more XP. At 40 I don’t know what I’ll feel. But here are the few times I feel like just giving up.

1. Sometimes you got to know when to cut your losses. I mean seriously if your losing 400 to 8, do you really think you got a chance.

2. When I go into a scenario solo, once in awhile I feel that my team is just clueless, and I am stuck with these people for possibly the next 15 minutes.

3. Some of the Scenarios the way they are designed once you get behind the proverbial “8-ball”, it’s very difficult to come from behind.

4. The class balance in these pugs are sometimes crappy, like not a whole heck alot of healers, where as the team your facing is 10 warrior priests.

5. I get way to frustrated with everything just got get upset, and want to toss in the towel. I don’t quite know how to leave, so I’m stuck there until the bitter end. In WoW if you were upset just /AFK.

Yeah I know it’s babyish, but hey it’s the way I feel and I am human.  Most of the time though if things are going bad I really just want to kill as many as I can, and I become more suicidal just wading through a horde of order causing CHAOS!!!.

Well it’s what I was Chosen for.

Apothecary write up.

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Ardua had an awesome write up on being an apothecary, which I chose to be. Why? Cause I’m a glutton for punishment.

Urge you to check it out.

A good place for theorycrafting discussions.

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I promised a reader I would look for some discussions on Theorycrafting there are some lovely discussions on the Warhammer Alliance forums

One that I found interesting is that Sword and Board Chosen like myself might not be getting as much renown as we should. We have some talents, and we do some things to disrupt the other team like a good repel off the tower in Stonetroll. But you only get renown for damage done, or healing done, not damage taken. So I could sit the occupying half the enemy while our flag carrier gets to the point in Stonetroll, but I don’t get much renown because I don’t actually do damage.

Is there a place for us S/B Chosen in Scenarios. I think so, but why must we bite the bullet all the time. Why are tanks always needed, but seldom treated fairly. Oh well such is the way of things, I’ll keep my shield up, and just grin and bare it, because nothing gives me more pleasure then repelling a Warrior priest over the edge of the tower. Nothing.

Youtube RvR

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Seem like we’re duking it out on Youtube as well. Been seeing these goofy videos on there. Why Destruction would win, or Order will win.

Here’s one I thought was funny.

Why order will lose

Want some whine with that cheese.

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So I’m doing a scenario last night, and some nice things drop for other classes. I roll greed because it would  be nice for a guildie I’m sure. Well a fellow player choses Need who isn’t even the class the item was for, which aggravates me as well. But hey I’m here for XP, and RP.  I’ll call this guy Hat. So Hat rolls Need, and wins the Rolls.  Hat starts bitching and spamming /sc channel saying his bags were full, and that someone ninja’d his stuff.

After the eighth hundred spam, I lose my cool.

I tell him that the stuff wasn’t even for his class, so chill out. He starts calling me names like Moron. I let him have it, and simply say. “Who’s the moron with the full bags?”

He shut up after that.

Don’t be a Hat, which is short for Asshat.

1. Keep some empty space in your bags…just in case.

2. If you truly don’t need something, don’t hit need.

3. If something goes wrong, spamming a channel ain’t going to change it, just move on.

By the way today’s my Birthday, you can send all your gifts in gold to Rivs on Averheim. 😉

Looky what I found.

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So I was traversing Troll Country, just putzing about. I came across a quarry with a bunch of lowbies about 11 to 13 in their rank . The place was filled with Chaos friendly mobs. So I was sitting there watching this group. It was two Warrior Priests, two witch hunters. I’m level 16. They decide to attack. I laugh to myself. I drop them like flies. Though to be honest had some help from the mobs.

So I crush their skulls, and walk out of the quarry. Two witch hunters their ranks 12, and 13 coming down the road. I just sigh. They attack. Block, block, block. Their attacks not doing much. I kill those.

So I go a little further down the road, and here comes a small army of Order. I think I pissed them off, their ranks 15, and 16.

Even though the fight was valiant on my end, I couldn’t take out 6 of them my rank. That’s just silly I think Chosen need to be buffed. LOL!.

It was fun, and something different. My point here is sometimes you need to go off the beaten path, explore, look around, and most importantly enjoy yourself.

Addicted to Dyeing.

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No I didn’t spell it wrong. Ok I do die alot too, comes with the territory. The thing I’m talking about is changing the colors of your stuff, set me apart from the other rank and file schmucks.

Some things need to be said that are a little bothersome for an addict like me.

1. When I try to dye the secondary color of my breastplate, and right click on it. It goes in my bag, and doesn’t get dyed. How the heck do I stop that Shadow Grey doesn’t go with Warlock Purple. I’ll look goofy, and how can I hit on the Witch Elves if I look Goofy.

2. My helm can’t be dyed, WHY NOT?!?!?

3. I don’t know if it’s my graphics card, or what. But Scab Red looks Hot Pink, and that ain’t mean and ferocious. Though I think it’s a treat for Order to be killed by a big hot pink warrior.