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Wonders Never Cease.

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , , , , , on February 27, 2009 by theerivs

First time in a few days, Altdorf was not in our grasp.

Did some Open RvR, and Scenarios before my Blood/Bile run. I had some fun, some Order came out, and they even killed me a few times. I love when a Scenario is close, and it’s a drag out knuckle fest, but it’s rarely that.

Then on my 15th time of running Bile, and Bloodwrought I hit the jackpot, I got 3 pieces of Sentinel. Sentinel Gauntlets, Sentinel Chestpiece, Sentinel Helm.  That makes me 3/5 greater ward atm.

I had a feeling last night was my night.  I want to thank my usual Monday/Thursday crew. BP, Truthie, Fluboy, Nied, Testta.  We make a good team, hope we can head into Vale soon, and knock it out of the park.

I am also glad Order got a little breather, even though some Destro fliped a fort using a bug. I don’t condone that crap. I wasn’t there, but alot of my guildies were, and they walked away as soon as the Lord bugged.

So it was a pretty descent night last night…I think I’ll keep paying Mythic 🙂


Daily City Sieges

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , on February 26, 2009 by theerivs

Ok on our new home Iron Rock, Destro has been sieging Altdorf on a daily basis. Even though I think this is the point of the game, I do feel sorry for Order on one hand. On the other hand I’m thinking that they should pick themeselves up by the boot straps and get there arses going.

This is why I believe in the 3 army idea of DAOC, if one army dominated, 2 armies would join forces, but that was then this is now.

It seems like everyone now-a-days everyone wants something handed to them. I remember the days of being the Horde on WoW, and every victory against the alliance was hard fought, and earned. It felt that much better because we were the underdog.

Just want to give some words of encouragement to Order on Iron Rock, stick in there, and keep fighting.  The victories you do get are much more sweeter.

I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in.

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , , on February 25, 2009 by theerivs

So last night, Destro on Iron Rock took a couple of fortresses, and were knocking on Altdorfs door again. I think this is the fifth day in a row they did this.  So a friend of mine in our alliance, Testta,  talks me into heading down their to farm the Screaming Cat Tavern. 

First thing is first I had to get to Altdorf, Order had a blockade going. So me and some Destro buddies cleared that. Then once to Altdorf, you zone in, right near the Destro starting zone of the city instance, you have to sneak past the Order Zerg to get to the Tavern. The Tavern is an instance near the river, on the east side of the math close to the last pier on the bottom of the math. That in itself was fun sometimes, annoying others trying to get to.

Once there you zone in. You have Gortek the dwarf slayer, and Felix a human.  It’s rather an easy encounter, Me,  a sword and board ,Chosen, and Testta, a DOK duoed it. But the more the merrier always. The encounter goes like this. You start with the human, you burn him down to half, he resets. Then start killing the dwarf, then the human goes back to half health. Kill him. Then take on the dwarf, the dwarf will reset once,  crush him the second time. That’s it, the dwarf drops a chest, open it up and get the fat loot.

What Fat Loot I got, a few things, but here’s the creme de’ la creme of the drops.   Giant Slayer Chaosaxe, Giant Slayer Gauntlets, Chosen Gird of the Despoiler.

So yea the city taking needs some work, though the instance farming was some nice loot, it was way too easy, and I think took away from the spirit of the game. You RvR to get to Altdorf, then you PvE , kinda silly. It also looks like I’m lucky every place else besides Bile/Blood.

A nice surprise is that Shadowwar stopped by and saw me. Nice to have people visit.

Blogs for the Blogroll – The Homunculus

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , on February 24, 2009 by theerivs

When the Age of Blogging started I thought there would be 4 or 5 new blogs. I never expected that my Blogroll would grow to such lengths, and that my eyes would bleed from all the reading. There are  many awesome blogs out there now.  There’s a new promotion at Warhammer Alliance, a great Warhammer resource, to try to do more cross promotion. As I am one of those that believe in the ideal of community so I will lend a gauntlet-edhand to this.  WA is calling the Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative, or WCPI, but I tend to like Regis’s saying though,”Blogs for the Blogroll!!”

There are many fine blogs out there, but a few stick out as exceptional to me, and I want to point some of those out for you in the next coming weeks. The first one I think is a really good blog is The Homunculus.  It what I thinks makes a blog, a blog. It’s funny, to the point, and informative. I also enjoy the look of it. It’s white, clean, and that little guy coming out of that dudes head,, even the bi-line cracks me up.

Such posts as F**ck you Friday,  and Chosen :Master Assassinskeep me chuckling, as well as informed. These are the things that keep me coming back to this blog, time and time again.  I am proud that it’s a fellow Chosen, Czarnal putting out a fine blog. I hope for more good stuff from him (I think it’s a him)

My New Home – Iron Rock

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , on February 23, 2009 by theerivs

Well here I am at my new home Iron Rock….or as I call it the home of the queue. Didn’t have much time to play this weekend.  Once I get past the queue of about 160 people, I got on. Lo and behold they were at Altdorf, Destro was doing PQ’s even I did a Altdorf Scenario. I saw people linking some nice Invader gear. It was all quite interesting.

My main concern is the influx of people, Will Order get overwhelmed, and quit. Also this queue, will it get old, and I quit.

So far though I like it, I plan on doing Bile/Blood tonight I sure hope this server is kinder then Ungrim was.

The Raven God has Forsaken Me.

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , , on February 20, 2009 by theerivs

So as a parting shot to Ungrim, I ran Bile/Blood, and again I come up with nothing. I am still 0/5 of Sentinel gear.  Though I’m pleased that a few people I run with got their gear last night, I hate when there’s runs that nobody gets anything.  I can’t wait until the token system, it will be well worth it.

One good thing is that I have the Conqueror boots, and can get the gloves if I get my Renown up. I guess it’s time to head back to the salt mines of scenarios.  Good thing is this new server, will bring more Open RvR, and thats a real good thing.

I shall earn the favor of the Raven God once more, and unleash Chaos…Iron Rock. I come for you!!!

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted in Warhammer- Online with tags , on February 19, 2009 by theerivs

Well either Mythic listens to me, or the divine powers that be hear my prayers and called upon Mythic to do what must be done. My server Ungrim is getting a server transfer. It looks like the powers that be chose Iron Rock, though it’s not official. 

Always a little nervousness on server transferring.

– My guild is rank 27, and thats alot of work, so we hope nothing happens there.

– Someone got my name on that new server, better not.

– Will I get bugged somehow, and things get lost.

So I’m looking forward to my new home, but I hope we choose right because that light at the end of the tunnel, could be a train coming to hit me.